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Apartmani - Skoric
Apartmani - Skoric
Picture of Split


Split is not only an urban, cultural and traffic centre of
Dalmatia with road and sea connections to Dalmatia's
numerous summer resorts, but it is itself often a tourist
and excursionists destination. A city with a 1700-year old
tradition, a variety of archaeological, historical and cultural
monuments, among which the well-known Palace of
Diocletian, inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List,
certainly occupies a special position, and the warmth and
offer of a modern Mediterranean city.

The first detailed tourist guide through the town and its
surroundings, published in 1894, bears witness to the long
tourist tradition in Split. To be able to grasp the historical
significance of the city, one should first visit the museums
of Split: the Museum of Croatian Archaeological
Monuments - a capital Croatian cultural project,
established in 1893 in Knin; the Archaeological Museum
from 1820, one of the oldest in Croatia;
the Treasury of the Split Cathedral, including a valuable
collection of religious art; the Ethnographic Museum,
founded in 1910; the Museum of Marine History;
the Museum of Natural Science.

The Art Gallery, established in 1931, the Collection of the
Franciscan Monastery in Poljud, the Mestrovic Gallery,
and other are also worth visiting.